Tribute Gifts

Have you ever heard of a Tribute Gift?

A Tribute Gift is a traditional Jewish way to mark important dates or milestones in honor or in memory of those we know and love. Just a few examples of when Tribute Gifts are especially popular: birthdays, anniversaries, religious and secular holidays alike, from Rosh Hashanah and Passover to Mother’s & Father’s Day. Many also choose to mark the passing of a respected community member or loved one through tribute gifts, or to honor someone on their Yahrzeit (the anniversary date of a death).

When you make a Tribute Gift to the J, we notify the honoree (or the tribute’s family in the case of memorials) with a beautiful card and note of your choosing, and your gift is memorialized in our Honor Roll/Report on Giving which is distributed annually.

Please note, Tribute Gifts require a minimum donation of $18 per card you would like sent. Tribute Gifts can be made securely online, as well as by mail and phone. When sending donations by mail, please allow a little extra time for processing and gift acknowledgement.

Todah Rabah (thank you) for your ongoing support of the J and all the many ways it allows us to enrich our community!

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