Etz Chaim Life & Legacy

Case Statement

For a century, Congregation Etz Chaim has been the Tree of Life for hundreds of Jews in Greater Portland.  Our community of worship, learning, and service is grounded in the timeless Jewish vision of a beit Knesset, a house of gathering for all people, and responds to the mandate of our Hebrew Prophets to work for justice and peace in our community and the world.


Together we rejoice and learn, work and play, welcome and mourn. Together, we are inspired and challenged by our study of Torah to live morally and to work for justice. Together, we give and receive comfort and support and share in the milestones of life.

As the only synagogue on the Portland Peninsula, we are a beacon of Jewish life to those who live or work in or near the downtown and waterfront areas.  Our inspirational European- style sanctuary enables a direct and reflective conduit to our ancestors who sat and prayed in these very pews 100 years ago immersing one in a warming glow of their presence.


As hosts to the Maine Jewish Museum, we value chronicling Jewish history, transmitting the stories of our ancestors, and recognizing the contributions of Jews to this corner of the world. This is part of our legacy to the next generation.


We are both traditional and fully egalitarian, progressive and mindful of our past, open to a broad spectrum of Jewish practice and belief, and open to all without financial barriers.


We’re haimish and fun, gathering (as it is safe!) to celebrate Shabbat and holidays with creative and engaging activities for all ages.


As we enter our second century, we are committed to transmitting this precious gift to the generations that follow us.  Our legacy donors are individuals like you, who want to be sure Etz Chaim and the Jewish community of Portland is alive and vibrant for our children. Please join us in making your legacy gift today!

Etz Chaim with Tree