2023-2024 annual campaign

Dear Friends,

I have vivid memories cuddling up to my mom as she made her Super Sunday calls, making the case for why our local Jewish Federation was a most-worthy cause to support. I recall my dad talking to us at the dinner table about fundraising for various Jewish causes. I remember the feeling that enveloped me when I realized I had a baked-in community I could turn to at every milestone of life. So, it was really no surprise that when my husband and I moved to Maine 5 years ago with our children, the first thing we did was become connected to the JCA, our new local Federation.

I give because it’s imperative that our kids grow up with a wonderful, caring, loving, colorful, fun Jewish community. I give because that’s what I was taught to do. As the Talmud says “my father planted before me, so do I plant for my children.” I was surrounded by people who understood and imparted to me our obligation as Jews to give back to our community to make it the best place that it can be for everyone. And I understand that can’t happen without our steadfast support. Just like my mother, I, too, believe my local Federation to be a most-worthy cause to support.

Through decades that tested all our resolve, the JCA did not waver. The challenges kept coming: from lockdown to reopening. From peace to war. From certainty to uncertainty. But the J kept going and going.

Will you join us in charting the path forward for our community? Because of all that has led us to this moment, NOW WE GO FORWARD.

From my family to yours,

Lea Steirman

Lea Steirman
Campaign Chair

Tree of Life Society

With endless gratitude to Rachael and Justin Alfond for pioneering the Tree of Life Society in 2020, we invite you to consider joining this year. This giving circle recognizes donors of any giving level who double their Annual Campaign gift. Those who step forward today embrace Tikvah - hope - for the future, and ensure the ongoing strength of this amazing community.