Here for You. Here for Good.


Let’s talk about doing good. When we face uncertainty, fear, and challenge, what matters most? The good we can do for others. The Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine (JCA) demonstrates and teaches every day the love of generosity and sharing. Good is in our DNA. It is what has motivated this community for over 100 years to build and sustain organizations that make a positive impact. It is what we have focused on this year, despite unparalleled hardships and changes, and it is what we will do in the future. Because with your support, the JCA is Here for Good…here at home, in Israel, and throughout the world.


Let’s talk about staying power. In a year filled with new fears, old threats, and so much divisiveness, what stands the test of time? Our traditions and institutions. In January 2020, were you prepared for COVID-19? Another economic downturn? As an organization, the JCA was built for this moment. With your kindness and generosity, and that of generations of other like-minded donors, we are uniquely qualified to navigate emergencies and help ensure that our community stays strong and remains on-course. To continue meeting the ever-evolving needs of the Jewish community here in Greater Portland and around the world, the JCA urgently asks for your support today.


Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. We all form the tapestry of this vibrant and tight-knit community. It is up to us to ensure our future is all that we want it to be. With your contribution, we can make sure that the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine remains Here For Good, l’dor, v’dor, from generation to generation.


With endless gratitude to Rachael and Justin Alfond for pioneering this giving society in 2020, along with the 80 individuals who stepped up to show their unwavering support as inaugural members, we are so proud to announce that the Tree of Life Society is here to stay. This giving circle perpetually recognizes donors of any giving level who double their Annual Campaign gift. Those who step forward today embrace Tikvah—hope—for the future, and ensure the ongoing strength of this amazing community.