Shabbat Shalom

Dear JCA Community,

As we welcome Shabbat tonight, we know that many are feeling the impact of this week’s events deeply. The use of violence as a political tool is frightening not just because it is unpredictable, but also because it is so dangerous. Some of us understand the contours of that danger academically, through the study of history, government, or law. But many others in our community also know it viscerally, through the grief and trauma that are a part of the legacy of the Holocaust and thousands of years of Jewish history.

Democratic processes, norms and commitments create frameworks that allow for the peaceful transfer of power, and create conditions in which every person can experience safety and freedom. We are grateful for the work of our elected officials over the past several days to reaffirm their commitment to these principles. This is a time to think deeply about how we can all be a part of strengthening them in the years to come.

Though we cannot gather together in person, none of us are alone. May this Shabbat be a time of respite, comfort, and peace for all.

Shabbat shalom,

Molly Curren Rowles
Executive Director


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