Rugelach of the Month Club

Prepared by Exile Bakery
Starting Week of November 1st 
All proceeds benefit the JCA 


Food is more than sustenance. It is a connection to our history, a map of our cultural travels and tangles, and a tool to strengthen old communities and build new ones. This is all both undeniably true and something we can tell ourselves to feel less guilty about eating cookies for breakfast.


To that end, the JCA’s Rugelach of the Month Club is an opportunity to help your community and get some cookies that are acceptable morning fare. Those who sign up get a variety of rugelach from local vendor Exile Bakery each month that have one foot in the Ashkenazi tradition and another in the equally Jewish traditions of migration, exploration, and experimentation. Each cookie delivery will come with some commentary from the baker and even a newly-translated Yiddish poem. Every dollar will support the JCA!


The details:
  • Rugelach of the Month Club Memberships can be purchased in 1 or 6 month increments
  • Members can also opt for 4 cookies or 12 cookies per delivery
  • Pricing is $5 for 1 month of 4, $15 for one month of 12, $25 for 6 months of 4, and $80 for 6 months of 12
  • Orders must be placed by Monday at noon preceding that week’s delivery
  • Members can pick up at the JCA Wednesdays through Fridays and can specify which week in a given month they would prefer to pick up.
  • As these are small-batch artisanal baked goods, we are not able to accommodate gluten or nut allergies, or other food sensitivities

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