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JFest Two Lives of Rube Goldberg


A special free film event presented by JFest: An Arts Festival for the JCC Movement 
Thursday, May 19th | 8 PM ET 

Legendary cartoonist Rube Goldberg (1886-1970), an American born son of German Jewish immigrant parents, was one of the great cultural icons and storytellers of the 20th century. His drawings of unwieldy fantasy inventions became a fixture of American popular entertainment and cemented his reputation as one of the most influential satirists of The Machine Age. In “The Two Lives of Rube Goldberg,” director Geoffrey George (Rube Goldberg’s youngest grandchild,) explores Rube’s life, as well as the influence of his legacy, which inspires new generations of creative thinkers today.  

This 50-minute program will include live chat feature with filmmaker Geoffrey George, and other special guests.   

All programs and events for JFest: An Arts Festival for the JCC Movement are made possible through funds granted by The Covenant Foundation, with additional support from The Pertzik Fund for Arts and Culture. 

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