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The JCA is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Joe Bornstein Winter Warmth Drive!

The JCA is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Joe Bornstein Winter Warmth Drive! Joe helped to transform the social services and nonprofit landscape throughout Southern Maine, with the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein providing funds and raising awareness of countless causes and initiatives over the years.

The Joe Bornstein Winter Warmth Drive aims to honor his legacy while maintaining the commitment he made to serve the community. The JCA and KJFS have partnered with 14 schools whose students in need will receive warm boots in time for winter, ensuring Maine children can enjoy the season and focus on their education, rather than the weather.


2021 Goal: To provide 750 pairs of boots for kids at 14 Portland-area schools.


Participating Schools: Portland: Reiche, Ocean Ave, King, Talbot, Lyseth. South Portland: Brown, Skillin. Westbrook: Canal, Westbrook Middle. Bonney Eagle District: HB Emery, Hollis, Edna Libby, George E Jack School, and Buxton Center Elementary School.


Instructions: Participation is easy! Follow these steps to help us get warm boots on the feet of Maine students:

  1. Shop our Amazon Wishlist via the link above between November 8, 2021 - December 7, 2021 and add as many boots you’d like to your shopping cart.
  2. Checkout.
  3. Select shipping address: JCA of Southern Maine, Attn: Adam Seigal (*you may have to scroll down your address list to find this option)
  4. Boots will be automatically shipped to the JCA and distributed by KJFS volunteers to local schools on a weekly basis.
  5. That’s it! Your mitzvah (good deed) is done.

Testimonials from 2020

“I have our first delivery of boots in my office! 🙂

Many of our families are experiencing significant economic and personal hardship and have needs that we, as a school, just cannot meet on our own. I am beyond grateful and thankful to you and the JCA... I have tears in my eyes and my heart is full. Thank you for helping out some truly amazing students!

-Kristin, Westbrook Middle School

"I can't wait to build a snow fort in these!"

"Now I can play in the snow on the field!"

"Awww, tomorrow is supposed to be warm? I want to wear them right away! They're so cozy!"

-Students at Canal School

As an educator I am especially thankful for this donation because these students walk in the door of my classroom and become MY kids. It is difficult to see them come to school without appropriate gear for the Maine winter.

This donation has ensured that every kid in my class, and at Canal School that needs it, will not be worried about cold feet this winter and I am grateful for that.

-4th Grade Teacher at Canal School

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