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Passover (‘Pesach’ in Hebrew) comes in the springtime and is among the most celebrated of Jewish holidays. This year, Passover begins at sundown on Wednesday, April 5 and ends at sundown on Thursday, April 13. Many families will hold a seder (ritual dinner) on the first and/or second night of the holiday and use the symbolic objects on the seder plate to tell the biblical story of the Exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in the land of Egypt. The story of Moses, Pharaoh and the 10 plagues may be told through prayers, blessings, songs, questions, role-playing and symbolic foods, following the order laid out in the Haggadah (guide to the seder). In remembrance of the hurried exit from Egypt, which left no time for bread to rise, many families will eat matzah  (unleavened bread), prepare special foods and refrain from eating chametz  (foods made with a leavening agent) throughout the days of the holiday 

Whatever this Passover looks like for your family, we hope the craft ideas, recipes, music and cooking videos, and other resources provided in this Holiday Hub will enrich your family’s celebrations, whether you are together or apart. 


Let Us Go, Temple Beth Am Productions Frozen/Passover Parody 

Dayenu, Coming Home - The Fountainheads Passover Song 

Breakin' Free - Fountainheads Passover 

Now We Are Free – Fountainheads 

The Maccabeats – Dayenu 

The Maccabeats - Mah Nishtanah 

The Maccabeats - Justin Bieber Passover Mashup -
Let My People Go, Story, Why Do We Lean 

Passover Songs Mashup - Dance Spectacular! - Elliot Dvorin | Key Tov Orchestra 

Y-Studs - La La

Six13 - Uptown Passover (an "Uptown Funk" adaptation for Pesach) 

Six13 - A Lion King Passover 

Now We've Got Matzo - A Passover Parody 

Passover song, "Mission Immatzoble" by Mama 


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