Theatre (Monday)
With Hanna White

In this class children will be introduced to the dramatic arts through games, stories, and songs. We will use our creativity to build skills like public speaking, improvisation, and teamwork and explore the many aspects of the theatre world such as sets, costumes, and music. Through the art of performance children will build confidence, develop literacy skills, and expand their understanding of storytelling!

Yoga (Tuesday)
With Shaerri Lysy

Yoga provides children with many fun movements that allow them greater bodily awareness, and teaches them about breathing, an essential skill for future athletes, musicians, and calmer children. In this class, we will express ourselves through breath, movement, play, song, storytelling, and more.

Play with Your Food - Cooking for Kids (Tuesday)
With Trevor Lilly JCA Pre-K teacher and After School Director

In this class children will use their five senses to explore a variety of familiar and less familiar foods. With a focus on where food comes from, children will deepen their understanding and curiosity about the world. Each week we will explore new recipes, building on emerging skills across the academic spectrum including literacy, math, science, and creativity. By introducing young children to food and cooking in an engaging and experiential way we hope to promote a lifetime of eating well, appreciation of the culinary arts, and environmental stewardship. Fascinated by the combination of chemistry and creativity found while in the kitchen, cooking with children provides invaluable learning opportunities.

Creative Movement (Wednesday)
With Lisa Hicks, Former JCA Parent

This class will introduce and provide a venue for young dancers to explore self - expression through movement! Emphasis is on beginning dance vocabulary, dance improvisation, and creating dances using a variety of themes such as stories, poetry, and music.

Spanish (Wednesday)
With Lisa Ha-Ngoc, Current JCA Parent

In this introductory Spanish course, students will be exposed to the Spanish language through songs, games, and skits. They will gain confidence speaking and listening in Spanish and learn about Spanish speakers from around the world.

Science for Curious Kids (Thursday)
With Lauren Bickmore, JCA Toddler Teacher

What do scientists and JCA friends have in common? They love to ask questions! This class will expose children to a variety of fun, hands-on science experiments and will encourage children to ask questions, form hypotheses, design experiments, observe, and record their observations in their very own lab notebook.

Kids Ecology - Exploring the World Around Us (Thursday)
With Jenny Beers, JCA Pre-K Teacherer

"Explore animals and plants during this after school opportunity to experience nature in a unique and exciting way. We will grow our own seedlings, learn how to make treasures from recycled materials, study animals who grow from "eggs to legs," and more! Each week we will dive into a different natural science theme with hands on activities and art projects. The children will gain a greater knowledge about the lives and unique characteristics of plants and animals. This knowledge and understanding helps us to act responsibly to preserve and conserve the natural world around us."

Adventures in Art (Friday)
With Clare Flore

In this class children will explore a wide variety of mediums and techniques that are multi-sensory as well as multi themed. Each class will involve inspirations from our natural world, a variety of cultures and important art movements and artists. Each student will be empowered in their inspirations through art making.