Recommendations from JCA Staff and Members

Sara's JCA Spotify Playlist

Like what you were hearing at the J? Now you can enjoy it at home!

We received so many nice compliments from visitors about the music that plays in the JCA lobby, so our own Sara Hallie Richardson (a great musician in her own rite) made a playlist of all the songs on Spotify.

Trevor's Preschool Singalong

Usually on Thursday mornings, JCA Marketing Director Trevor Geiger has the pleasure of doing a singalong with the Goldman Family Preschool students. Since we can't be together in person today, I hope you will sing along with me at home as I play some of our usual songs. Love you and miss you all!

This weeks' songs: Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald (with special guest), and Down By the Bay!

Deena's Picks

Koolulam - One Love by Bob Marley - Mass Singing project
Koolulam, an Israeli social music initiative that produces mass public singing events, organized this public gathering at the Tower of David in Jerusalem's Old City, to perform a magical and moving rendition of Bob Marley's One Love, in three part vocal harmony and several languages (English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Sign Language).

Koolulam - One Day by Matisyahu - Mass singing project in celebration of co-existence
Koolulam, an Israeli social music initiative, organized this public gathering in Haifa to perform One Day by Matisyahu.