Recipes and Recommendations from JCA Staff and Members

Bam Bam Bakery shares gluten-free chocolate peanut butter cake recipe

Recipe Recommendation from Trevor

Owner Tina Cromwell was featured live on Good Morning America, from her bakery in Portland, Maine, which is a local favorite.

A Seat at the Table: A Journey Into Jewish Food

Online Course Recommendation from Deena

An online course from the YIVO Institute, sponsored by Edward Blank and Family, The Covenant Foundation, and The Shine Trust
Course launches on May 1, 2020. Register any time at:
Register before August 31 for free tuition; take the class at any time, at your own pace.

Join YIVO for an exploration into the heart of Jewish food, with an emphasis on the Ashkenazi table. This course features hundreds of never-before-seen archival objects, lectures by leading scholars, and video demonstrations of your favorite Jewish recipes by renowned chefs. Discover how the essence of Jewish food has remained constant even as the recipes have evolved and changed with the migration of Jews around the world. Featuring: Joan Nathan, Michael Twitty, Alice Feiring, Mitchell Davis (James Beard Foundation), Niki Russ Federman & Josh Russ Tupper (Russ & Daughters), Jake Dell (Katz’s Deli), Darra Goldstein, Liz Alpern & Jeffrey Yoskowitz (The Gefilteria), Lior Lev Sercarz (La Boite), Adeena Sussman, Ilan Stavans, Leah Koenig, Michael Wex and more!

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Let's Make Challah Together - Part 1

Baking Lesson from Trevor

Pre-K and Afterschool teacher Trevor shows us how to make a gorgeous loaf of challah bread!

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Easy Challah Recipes for Kids

Recipe recommendation from Andrea

Including how to make Rainbow Challah! This one from our PJ Library Program Coordinator.

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2DineIn Local Delivery

Delivery Recommendation from Ashley

2DineIn is a fantastic food delivery option in our area that picks up from tons of restaurants (some that normally offer delivery, and many that don't!). They've just announced that they'll be very happy to leave food on your doorstep to avoid physical contact, and for the time being, will not be accepting cash. I wanted to mention this in case you don't feel like cooking or love eating out but don't feel comfortable doing so right now. They're easy to order from, and they're a small, local business so it's great all around 🙂 I was thinking that if anyone I know does become sick, it will be a great option to send them their favorite meal while maintaining social distancing.

Pantry Recipes from Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen

Recipe Recommendation from Deena

Jewish cookbook author and founder of the Smitten Kitchen blog Deb Perelman compiled the following "pantry" recipes that lean heavily on pantry staples like rice, grains, dried beans and legumes.