Yom Kippur 2022/5783

Oct 04, 2022 6:00PM—Oct 05, 2022 6:30PM


Yom Kippur: Hebrew name means “Day of Atonement.” What’s it about? A fast day of prayer, reflection, and repentance. Foods: None. It’s a fast day! Activities: There are many prohibitions: not eating, not drinking, not washing, not wearing leather, not engaging in physical intimacy. Traditionally, it is a day spent in synagogue at services. Symbols: White clothing. Greeting: You can say “have an easy fast.” Some say “Shanah Tovah”, which is Hebrew for “A good New Year.” The specific greeting for Yom Kippur is “G’mar hatimah tovah” or “A good completion to your inscription in the Book of Life.”