Advanced Beginners Pickleball Course, Session 1

Oct 17, 2023 11:00AM—12:00PM


JCA of Southern Maine, 1342 Congress St., Portland ME 04102

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Pre-Requisite: In order to enroll in this course, you must have previously completed a Beginner Pickleball class.
Classes meet every Tuesday at 11 AM, starting October 10th and ending Oct 31st.
In this course, we build upon all the basics of Pickleball covered in the Beginners course.  The focus of this class is on drilling, drilling and, yes, more drilling!  In particular, the drills will cover:
  1. Dinking at the no volley zone (NVZ) – both straight ahead and cross court
  2. Volleying at the NVZ (both forward and cross-court)
  3. Forehand and backhand groundstrokes – use of body core and footwork
  4. How to transition from the baseline to the NVZ
  5. How to slow down hard shots to regain tactical advantage
  6. Serving and return of serve

Players should come in with an understanding of these shots so that we can focus on making progress with proper technique. There will be some playing of points in this class…but mostly (you guessed it!): drilling.  Not to worry…fun is always at top of mind.

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