Each year, the JCA allocates over $100,000 raised during our annual campaign to external organizations. Through your generosity, we provide critical assistance to local Hebrew Schools, Levey Day School, the Maine Jewish Film Festival, and many other local organizations and groups that help to support the vibrancy and continuity of Jewish life in Maine. In recent years, we have also supported many organizations overseas that work to address some of the most critical issues of our time. These include:

·        HIAS, which works to protect refugees, including ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities, through education, advocacy and resettlement activities all over the world. For over 130 years, HIAS has been helping refugees rebuild their lives in safety and dignity.

·        Hand in Hand a school that brings together thousands of Jewish and Arab school children in six communities across Israel, and “works to prove on a daily basis the viability of inclusion and equality for all citizens of Israel.”

·        A domestic violence shelter in Jerusalem, where cultural issues can make it particularly challenging for victims to find support.

·        Yad L’kashish/Lifeline for the Old, which works with over 300 elderly Jerusalem residents to offer creative workshops that help empower them through meaningful work opportunities that connect them to community.


To learn more about the allocations process, or for a complete list of the organizations we supported last year, please contact Molly at This year’s allocations will be announced in December.