Fistal Family Nursing

Fistal Family Nursing Scholarship

Deadline for Applications is April 2018 (date TBD)


Inspired by a bequest made by a cousin, the family decided to fund a scholarship for a purpose close to their hearts. After thinking about their own educational backgrounds, they decided to concentrate on Sheri’s; an A.D. in Nursing at age 35 followed in two years by a B.S. and at age 55, an M.S.N.


A scholarship will help those students who want to make nursing their career choice. The Jewish Community Alliance, which represents the Jewish community in southern Maine, provides a ‘home base’ for the scholarship.


This scholarship will be presented each year at the Jewish Community Alliance Annual Meeting to a Jewish high school senior or Jewish individual who plans to become a Registered Nurse and is accepted to a secondary school that awards an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.


Applicants must write a one-hundred-word statement on why they want to become a Registered Nurse:

  1. High school applicants must also provide a high school transcript, a description of theirextracurricular activities and letters of recommendation from two teachers and oneother non related person that are familiar with the applicant’s accomplishments.
  2. Non-traditional students must submit three letters of recommendation, one from anemployer or professional contact.


Applications and accompanying paperwork must be submitted to the Jewish Community Alliance by April 2018. The recipient will be notified prior to the scholarship being presented at the Jewish Community Alliance annual meeting in late spring. The award will be disbursed to the school where the student is matriculated.


Catherine MacKinnon
Jewish Community Alliance
1342 Congress StreetPortland, ME 04102