Charlie Miller Award

He impacted and touched the lives of thousands. We will all miss him deeply, and we will carry on his enduring legacy by remembering to serve others and lead with joy.


The Charlie Miller Award was established in memory of Charlie Miller, whose leadership helped to define and shape our community for decades. Charlie was a true mensch, bringing joy, support, and care to everyone with whom he interacted. He was a larger-than-life figure, with a tremendous personal presence, a searching and seeking intelligence, and an incredibly generous spirit. He spread happiness to his family and to everyone surrounding him. He was an accomplished and well-respected attorney, a strong advocate for justice, and a leader of legendary song circles that captivated generations of children in our community.

The Charlie Miller Award is given each year to a high school senior who represents the best of our community; someone who freely shares their talents and gifts, and whose kindness and care for others spreads joy and helps to bring healing to the world.

All donations received in Charlie's memory will be applied toward endowing The Charlie Miller Award.