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We Stand with Israel

On October 7, 2023, during the holiday of Shmini Atzeret, Hamas terrorists launched an unprecedented attack on Israel from Gaza, firing thousands of rockets, breaching the country’s borders, with significant numbers killed and hospitalized. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel was at war to defend itself and gave the order for the IDF to commence "Operation Swords of Iron.”

Jewish Federations are responding, working with our core partners to support victims of terror, help rebuild damaged infrastructure, and address the unprecedent levels of trauma caused by this horrific attack.

Now, more than ever, they need your support. Israel will prevail and the Jewish people will stand together as we always do. Am Yisrael Chai.

Things You Can Do To Help

Donate to the Israel Emergency Fund
please choose “Southern Maine” (under “S”) as your community

Take a Stand for Israel

Blue Ribbons for Israel

Mitzvahs for Israel

Volunteer at the JCA

Reach out to a friend


Combating Disinformation 

Right now, disinformation about Israel and Hamas is spreading on social media. These are tactics of the war against Israel’s legitimacy, are methods of dehumanizing the Jewish people, and are part of broader efforts to sow divisions in our society. As the situation progresses and our emotions run high, it can be tempting to immediately comment on and/or share what we see online. But now, more than ever, it’s important for us to take the time to carefully assess what we’re reading and respond thoughtfully. Refer to this guide for support. 


How Oct. 7 is Reshaping the Zionist - and Anti-Zionist - Left in the US
A View from Jerusalem
Honesty and Good Will by Andy Bachman 
Boundless Israel provides resources to help you stay informed, engage in conversations, and take action. 
The Jewish Education Project launched Israel in Crisis: Educator Community Hub. Here you'll find educational resources, prior webinars on how to engage children and teens and more.
Leading Edge's resources are designed specifically to help support people who work at Jewish nonprofit organizations.
Sefaria curated the full text of some common prayers for Israel and other resources that may be helpful during this difficult time. 
ADL Debunk: Myths and False Narratives About the Israel-Hamas War
Discussing the Israel-Hamas War with Young People
Online hate and Harassment Safety Guide
How to Talk to Kids About What's Happening in Israel Right Now
Sivan Zakai, Kveller
How to Talk to Children About the Conflict in Israel
Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher, L.C.S.W., Union for Reform Judaism
How to Talk to Children About the War in Israel
How to Talk to Your Kids About Scary Situations
PJ Library
How to Talk to Children About Antisemitism
PJ Library
Educating and Parenting in a Time of War 

AntiDefamation League Materials for Families and Educators: 

Hillel’s guide for students on campus
Hillel’s guide for parents to support their children on campus
TribeTalk’s resources for high-school and college aged students, including podcasts and tips from students
Mental health resources from the Blue Dove Foundation and from BeWell for young adults
Unpacked’s video resources for educators
PJ Library’s Israel Hub for speaking with children about the war
Prizmah’s School Resource Hub
The Jewish Education Project’s resource guide and community hub for teaching about Israel in times of crisis 

Videos produced by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

IDF resources on the Hamas terrorist organization 

IDF video and documentation of its actions to evacuate innocent civilians in Gaza 

Video of speeches of Hamas leaders inciting hate and murder of Jews, and interview of Hamas leader vowing to repeat the October 7th massacres until Israel is annihilated 

MEMRI videos of Iranian leaders and Hamas, Hezbollah and others, “in their own words” 

AJC’s  facts and key insights into Israel related topics 

ADL’s guide to key terms and events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 

StandWithUs’ guide to FAQ, key facts, videos and social media posts on the war in Israel
AIPAC’s one-pager on Hamas 

JCRC Bay Area guide to recognizing problematic rhetoric about Israel 

The Hamas charter 

Center for Israel Education resources including maps, analysis and suggested readings 

Leading Edge’s guide to supporting Jewish communal professionals during the crisis
The National Library of Israel’s project to send a letter to an Israeli soldier or child
ANU video projection campaign to join in the demand for the immediate release of the 200+ Israeli hostages being held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza 


Thank you to all those who attended the Community Solidarity Vigil on October 11th. If you missed it and would like to watch, please click this link:


Message from the JCA Executive Director on Security and Resources: War on Israel Response Message