Jewish Community Alliance Staff

The Jewish Community Alliance is more than just offices and a building. It is also people – volunteers and staff – all dedicated to the traditions of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and gmilut chasadim (acts of loving kindness).

Executive Director:
Molly Curren Rowles

Finance Manager:
Bonnie Ryan

Jewish Family Services Director:
Karli Efron

Volunteer Coordinator:
Avery Friend

Center Day Camp Director:  
Dana Zimmerman

Program & Membership Coordinator /
Southern Maine Hillel Director:

Rebecca Bass

JFamily and PJ Library Program Coordinator:
Andrea Krasker Gavin

Programming Director:
Deena Schoenfeld

Office Manager / Rentals Coordinator:
Catherine MacKinnon

Welcoming Receptionist – Evening and Weekend:
Rosemary Kuun

Development Associate:
Luci Lantos

Administrative Assistant:
Jessica Goodsell

Marketing and Social Media Director:
Trevor Geiger

Facilities Director:
Paul Tetzlaff

Goldman Family Preschool

Early Childhood Education Director:
Mary Lilly

Early Childhood Education Assistant Director:
Janel Goodman

Infant Room Teachers 
Kristen Smith
Heidi Grant
Meghan O'Brien

One Year Old Room Teachers 
Megan Tetrault
Lauren Kropp
Rachel Heak

Two year old room
Katherine Whoeler
Lauren Bickmore
Kristina Williams

Nursery Room Teachers
Theresa Yudaken
Tia Zukowski
Chelsey Pallotta

Pre-K Room Teachers
Trevor Lilly
Ariel Fuller
Jenny Beers

Classroom Float Teacher
Taylor Hills
Olivia Neff-Jandrasko
Lauren Locke


Afterschool Director:
Trevor Lilly

Afterschool Assistant Director:
Calre Flore

Jenny Beers

Lauren Bickmore

Lisa Ha-Ngoc

Lisa Hicks

Sherri Lysy